often you'll see me inconsistently switching between capitalising words and all-lowercase. although i'm a perfectionist about too many other things, i'm often too lazy to bother about this particular nicety. whenever you see me using proper capitalisation, it means that i thought of that topic as being important (or wanted to make a good impression).

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I hate Spam. If you think about selling me something, forget it! I'll remember you and will never ever buy from you.

If you need to contact me, send me an email. My address consists of the local component az+no+fscking+spam and the domain-part should be snafu.priv.at. No idea what I'm talking about? Read the relevant standards document, then.

If possible use GnuPG and encrypt+sign your message; see my crypto comms page for details.

What only stupid spammers do is to try this mail link.

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Well, maybe: a test of whether a blog-like web environment is acceptable for me to work with. I'm not certain of that yet, but here goes.
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A kilo of blade steak: $4.80.
250g of Camembert cheese: $6++


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A fully mechanical high-precision pocket calculator, designed in the late 1930s.

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This is how a genuine metallica bootleg sounds. Amazing. (kilroy^Wköhntopp was here...) I positively hate the recent Sue-O-Mania regarding copyright issues.

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sure; I /am/ a geek but nevertheless I do find the time to think of a couple of other things in my CFT:

  • There's my daughter Cornelia, whenever she happens to be near me,
  • Paragliding whenever the weather permits,
  • Motorcycling has lost a bit of attraction, I'm afraid.
  • And Living in Australia is quite interesting, too.
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stuff like this of course did not happen.

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...but I like my privacy very much and am concerned about security, privacy and free speech issues. And I am not paranoid, noooo <shaking head vigorously>...
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(The picture above shows Phil Hystek, my instructor and mentor.)

After years and years of longing I've finally found the time to do a paragliding course in the beginning of 2002. It took me about four weeks (one full week and some weekends) to achieve the first licence for it. Since then I've spent most of the flyable weekends (which means almost all) on the hills around here, either flying, parawaiting or lugging the pack up the hills again.

Currently I'm also running the net presence of the local club, the Canungra Hang Gliding Club (which despite its name also caters to paraglider pilots).

So far I'm still alive and I'm really enjoying this challenging sport.

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In the beginning of 2001 the opportunity to move to Australia presented itself - and got taken, as I had been longing to at least visit this continent once for ages. The opportunity involved a job offer and nice benefits for the move itself.

Without too much fuss I god rid of some of my stuff (motorbike, flat etc.) and on August 10 2001 I reached downunder - for the first time: I hadn't been to Australia before, so it was a bit like navigating uncharted waters.
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Fortunately (for us BOFHs) many of the dumbest people on earth auto-darwinate themselves, and the methods and results are hilarious.

I won't talk about Dilbert and userfriendly, they are must-sees anyway..

This is a very good compilation of computer jokes.

There's the list of toaster makers^W^Wcomputer companies and the famous methods of how to shoot yourself in the foot, but see also other Unix methods.

Internet...On A Stick is cool! Attrition has a nice picture gallery.

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...and so is some stuff you may find at the locations below. therefore,

do proceed with caution, make sure that nothing edible or drinkable is in your vicinity and enjoy life (and death) as weird and rich as they come.

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I've given a talk about Debian at SAGE-AU's annual conference in 2003. The paper and presentation slides are avaliable here. It was very well received, and I'll give some follow-up presentations at this year's Tasmanian Summer IT Conference as well as the SAGE-VIC IT Symposion

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Debian is my favourite open source project. The structure of stuff in Debian very much pleases my sense of perfectionism. Plus, Debian is perfect for server machines.

I'm supporting the project by packaging and maintaining various stuff, most notably kuvert my mail privacy tool.

This list shows the packages I'm currently maintaining and a bit of technical status for each of them.

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...that fights back.

The languages of my choice are

  • C
  • perl
  • and lisp -- despite the saying:

    LISP: To call a spade a thpade.

No real hacker should ever miss the Obfuscated C Contest nor its Perl Counterpart, these are truly awful. Wish I could write gems like those.

Participating or stealing^Wborrowing code from the entries is worth its time for sure, because you'd improve your job security vastly by emanating that weird code :-)

I'm firmly in favour of open source software, whatever exactly you may call it. The dark side would like to condition everybody with propaganda like this, but it is not going to work:

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As we all know UNIX is very good for nice, common tasks like shooting yourself in your foot.
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Of course (#insert <asbestos.h>) emacs is my editor.

Tom Christiansen said:

Emacs is a nice operating system, but I prefer UNIX.

Nevertheless emacs is not my login shell.

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Are you familiar with the following?

R$1<@$2>$3    $#error $@ USAGE $: "aaaaaaaaaaah"

Well, I am. Yes, very familiar. And I still like sendmail. Enough said.

There's a faint possibility that you might want to see what anti-spam hacks I've added to version 8.8.8+. Yes, I know that this is almost paleolithic in comparision to today's versions. Still it was a nice setup then. The new stuff is good for all of us, but there goes my effort :-).

Recently I've played with milter, the sendmail on-the-fly filter system - and I still like the beast (must be congenital, then).

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As a discerning BOFH, you should never be without your O'Re*lly...ahem, though.
Don't miss the other series of O'Really designs.

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"Everything we have is yours."

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Please help yourself to anything in there. Or not, as things may be. You don't trust me?! Good. That concludes the lesson.

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russ's rant about job postings flooding is still applicable, years later. not a good sign for humanity if you ask me.


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