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And here we go again: behind closed doors They are negotiating the rules of TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership=next-generation ACTA.

Then there is, of course, the new CISPA bill (=SOPA/PIPA regurgitated and made worse).

And there is Austri^WAbsurdistan's VDS (= preemptive wholesale surveillance of the whole population).

Repeat ad nauseam.

Looks like humanity needs more Tor relays (and bridges), more services like Tor Mail, DDG (with its Tor hidden service), and ideas like the Telex Project - oh, and would somebody please cook up some gene-engineered plague that takes out politicians? Those pests are really annoying...

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possibly educated but precisely zero practical relevance.


i'm serious - which of the above would you consider to be practically useful bits of knowledge and which not? ('impact the course of history'?!?....bwuahahaa)

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