(or, translated for the en-natives: we'd far rather blue bread than blue blood!) Here's our proof:

 conny blaubrot

A few days ago Conny and I considered (naturally) coloured foods (I can't remember the exact reason for getting there though), and decided to try colouring some bread. Even home-baked white(ish) bread is relatively boring in my opinion, but Conny likes it so we do alternate between sourdough and white. Except for this time...

This time I bought a small bottle of blue colouring, and today we made the test.

 blaues brot

From the outside, still in the breadmaker, it looked mostly inconspicuous. Maybe a tad mouldy.

 blaues brot

Once pulled out, however, it is almost...glittering.

 blaues brot

And when cut open we have Mega-Blue Goodness!

This is not a photoshop/gimp joke, the colour really is that strong. This bread would go well with Wick-Blau Vodka and/or the Holy Grail intro (when the moose are replaced with llamas).

Conny's already looking forward to bringing blue sandwiches to school tomorrow.

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