...with his assessement of today's pervasive 'murkin "security theatre".

Doesn't anyone else remember, back during the Cold War, when we used to laugh at the Soviets for barring photography of bridges, dams, trains, and other items of "strategic importance"? It made no sense as a security countermeasure then, and it makes no sense as one now.

That's him on the New York subway planning to ban photography in the tunnels and stations as "aiding terrorists". Idiots.

As always, his CRYPTO-GRAM monthly is a scaringly good read.

Update (Wed 30.06.2004 14:02):
"The United States has expelled two Iranian security guards employed by Tehran's United Nations offices after the mission was repeatedly warned against allowing its guards to videotape bridges, the Statue of Liberty and New York's subway, U.S. officials said on Tuesday."

The explanation seems to be limited to this:

"These individuals were moving around New York City and essentially taking photographs of a variety of New York landmarks and infrastructure and the rest," U.S. envoy Stuart Holliday told reporters at U.N. headquarters."

Link to the Reuters article

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