One or the other silly Waste The Day student club/association/bunch at work has recently run an annoying ad campaign all over the place; 2m x 1m display stands everywhere with Shiny Stuff on them and so on.

Most memorable (for its tackiness) slogan:

"Be Not Afraid of Sudden Fear" (Book of Proverbs)

He. Come to one of my exams unprepared and you'll get some sudden fear to be afraid of! Bloody dimwits.

The campaign was centered around their "free exam pack" which exceeded all levels of shite I've seen before (despite being printed on glossy paper): a list of common sense exam "tips" (ala "bring a pen") and on the bottom of the shiny flyer some discount vouchers for various entertainment in Surfers. blink Ah, that's where the money for this junk came from...

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