"Go to the supermarket and buy two home brew kits. ... Also buy at least a couple of bottles of Coopers Pale Ale, more if you like. Ignore the instructions. Cool and pour the Pale Ale, being careful to leave the yeast sediment behind. Drink the beer."

That's the spirit! I mean any kind of recipe that says "Buy good beer and $foo. Chuck the instructions for $foo and drink the beer" must be good, no?

I really must try this soon again. At the moment the weather is a bit hot, and I don't have a fridge for the fermenter so brewing without killing off the yeast might be a bit iffy. Think I'll move the fermenter from the laundry (where the servers heat up things badly) into the bath in the bathtub (which I never use anyway).

If only good beer was cheaper, especially Coopers. Bloody taxes ruin all the fun: $30+ for 24 stubbies (375ml) of Toohey's New (IMHO a reasonably drinkable mid-priced beer) is Not Cheap.

Link to Greg's quick and easy beer

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