...if you like stereotypes, that is. Here goes:

Citing ABC news:

"Police in Alice Springs say they were appalled to find a driver put a seatbelt around a carton of beer - but left a five-year-old child unrestrained... Officers stopped the unregistered sedan... They found the child sitting in the back seat without a seatbelt, but the driver had put a belt around a slab of beer."

Well, that makes perfect sense: the kid can brace him/herself, but have you ever seen a stubby take the "emergency position"? No? See, there you go! ;-)

Alternatively the driver might also have decided that the kid is better off dead than with this kind of parent and/or that he expects to need a few stubbies to numb whatever braincells are left after crashing an unregistered(=uninsured) car.

Ideally though, he'd have left the kid at home, put the seatbelt tightly around his neck and driven into the nearest tree for Fun and Effect.

(I have very little tolerance for automotive idiots; not after having suffered their (lack of) attention on the motorbike...)

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