As of a few days ago I no longer work for said uni, and I never cared about the sheep.

I was quite tempted to write something very polemic (like Karl Kraus finished off the Little Pan), but in the end I can't be bothered to waste any more effort on this gang. But I'll mention a few choice items.

Bond has changed a lot over the 11.5 years that I've worked there, and mostly for the worse; the corporate silliness has definitely surpassed the satirical/fictional Australian International University.

The way the recent staff reductions were announced both internally and externally was laden with doublespeak, verbiage and heavily Dilbertesque (for example, the dissolution of the IT school was labelled a "workplace modification proposal"...) - quite similar to how citigroup employs jargon.

But nothing illustrates the corporate mess more clearly than the ratio of chiefs to Indians and the proliferation of meaningless titles and superfluous departments - search for "%" in the phone list and you'll see it all. grep and I counted:

  • 7 chancellors
  • 21+ deans
  • 39+ directors
  • 104 managers
  • 53 coordinators
  • 22 executive somethings ala "Executive Assistant to Executive Director"
  • 160 officers


  • 63 full professors
  • 86 associate profs
  • 110 assistant profs
  • 143 teaching somethings ala "teaching fellow"

The phone list isn't absolutely correct; it still lists some academics who left the country or retired years ago, but it's close enough. But enough said.

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