...as it is nice outside right now (32°C, water temp about 23°), but a bit too windy from the NW.

I've managed to get about 45 hours of airtime this year; not too bad with the generally lousy weather conditions this year, the trip to Austria in August and me not being an unemployed Flying Bum after all...


Here's a few pictures of people flying at Beechmont. The guy in the trashed flying suit with the red-blue glider on the later pics, that's me. Notice also the difference in landing elegance between me and Ms. Featherweight aka Jessica...

 2005_12_10-gaggle-beechmont.jpg 2005_11_19-az-jessica-beechmont3.jpg  2005_11_19-az-jessica-beechmont4.jpg  2005_11_19-az-jessica-beechmont5.jpg  2005_11_19-az-beechmont-landing.jpg  2005_11_19-az-beechmont-landing2.jpg 2005_11_19-jessica-beechmont-landing2.jpg
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