...fog lamps. My Sooby has factory fogs, but they don't come with covers. Being mounted low, they have a strong affinity to high-velocity stones. (Or is it the high price that attracts destruction?) Last weekend out at Killarney I realized that the left one had been hit by something, with the result of a 15x45mm cone-shaped chunk of glass having spalled off. 2mm hole outside, a huge inverse crater inside, but the ejecta were still in one piece, rattling around the reflector (good glass quality, I say!).

$ubaru Oz is happy to sell you -- a complete new enclosure, for $250+ (the wreckers wanted $110 for it). "No, you can't take the glass lens off, it's glued on." Yeah, sure...

A quick 15 minute trip in the oven (160°C) and some careful prying with a putty knife later, and I had the 'unseparatable' lens separated without any problems. Superglue took care of the crater; it's quite nice that it corrected all the nasty optical effects of the crater and only a faint outline of the chip remains visible (3 o'clock above the E sign).

Some gasket sealant, another oven excursion and a bit of careful pressure made the lens-enclosure joint solid again. Net cost: under an hour of fiddling, and I didn't have to throw away the mostly sound lamp.

 2008_03_29-baking-foglamp.jpg  2008_03_29-baked-foglamp2.jpg
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