Sometimes I need time off the computer stuff and deal with tangibles. Playing around with house-related things serves very well here, and most of the time iff I get started on a project, it ends up between fine and perfect.

This is a quick one about what's been done in the last few months. First item was fixing up the ugly floor board joints at some interior doors: originally I had put in some aluminium profiles, but screwed on and not very nicely done (as I had stupidly not centered the gap within the door frames which lead to all kinds of fun).

I decided to go for wooden strips and silicone to glue them down. Again, impatience made me end up with two different widths (the floor boards at the bedroom door have a narrower gap).

 2006_03_13-floor-joint.jpg 2006_03_11-sparc-ballast.jpg  2006_03_11-floorstrip.jpg

SPARCs are good for ballasting (but not a lot more, especially the SS5-170s). The other doors needed wider strips and some fiddly sawing to make them fit.

 2006_03_13-painting-boards.jpg  2006_03_18-new-joiner-boards.jpg  2006_03_18-new-joiner-boards2.jpg

The doors with height-difference (tiles beyond) got new triangular wooden strips fitted. A bit darker after lacquering than I had hoped but still a lot better than the ugly metal profiles. The book shelf in the living room got a round corner shelf for plants, and the kitchen got a dish washer - smallish but nice.

 2006_03_23-floor-joints.jpg 2006_04_01-eckbrettl.jpg  2006_05_27-dishwasher.jpg

The mess of cutting the dishwasher support boards to shape with a jigsaw led me to buy a cheap circular saw ($48), and I used it very successfully for the next project: my stereo gear in the living room was on a somewhat cramped (mis-bought) IKEA Lack table, and rectangular tables suck because I sit at a 45° angle to the remote-controllable components. So I decided last weekend, when the weather was too crap for flying, to build me a Magic Rack. Hexagonal, because I can^W^Wthat fits best.

 2006_06_18-before-rack.jpg 2006_06_18-rack-parts.jpg 2006_06_18-rack-beginning.jpg

About $50 in parts (the MDF was most costly), and lots of fun to make.

 2006_06_18-supports-lacquered.jpg 2006_06_18-rack-ts.jpg 2006_06_18-rack-shelves.jpg

I'm no audiophile but having been stung by noise problems before, this time there had to be separate holes for power and data cables.

 2006_06_18-rack-assembly.jpg 2006_06_19-rack-mostlydone.jpg  2006_06_19-rack-done.jpg  2006_06_19-rack-inplace2.jpg

It got late, as usual, botched the lacquering a bit but it works and fits my preferences for Form Follows Function, don't you think?

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