I've had flat tyres on my car. QLD roads must have something against Fords (or is it the vehicle serial number? JGWANK... doesn't sound too cool, does it?) It sucks to have 1500kg of empty car to swerve on the motorway, and even though it was a rear tyre (as before) the behaviour is...suggestive to an immediate stop. Anyway, after fitting the spare which is really lousy now, then bringing the dead to the service station and paying the requisite $17 I've got 4 3/4 working wheels again. Yay. (grumbles about the piece of shit car, especially after refitting the repaired wheel tonight.)

Now what is it with deadlines? Some fool students always have to test my resolutions the hard way. Well, 5 minutes to late is too bloody late. Ah, life.

[ published on Mon 01.03.2004 23:59 | filed in still-not-king | ]
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