Hardware appreciation week was followed very soon by Transportation Appreciation weekend.

Saturday, on my way to Canungra the POS car went from "brrrrrr" to "brrrROOOOARbrrROOOOOAR", like a Pocket-V8.

A quick inspection of the loudly blubbering thing revealed that the exhaust endpipe is no longer connected to the rest of the car: last year the endpipe rusted off and got replaced. This time it's the flange connecting the endpipe to the silencer that has rusted off. Great, another couple of hundreds for a new silencer. A bit of recently acquired wire at least made sure that I wouldn't lose the dangling endpipe on my way home.

Seems like the car is in Midas Mode: I touch it and some Priest of Midas gets some gold.

Only positive outcome of the weekend was me passing the theoretical exam for the intermediate paragliding license. Now on to convincing Phil of me having sufficient practical skills...

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