Yesterday I asked myself "What's next?". Now I know, dammit.

Got the wankmobile to the muffler mechanics, and they did their job: replaced a fair amount of the exaust system on the spot for not too much money, AU$ 160 all in all. I used the opportunity to look at the underside of the car; greasy and oily front like all old Falcons seem to look like, but nothing looking really bad.

Psalm of the Lousy Build Quality

And as they lowered the car, a BIG puddle of oil came into existance.
And they saw things were Well and Truly Fucked.
And they said, Sensatracs suck. And I said Oh Bugger It!
For the New and Shiny right front strut had shat itself, burst and bent and seized out of alignment, too.
So I brought the limping wankmobile to the other mechanics and praise be on their warranty.
And eventually, tomorrow, the other mechanic will hail me with good news.
And the wankmobile will work again.

Of course the other mechanics had to be flat out today, and of course the weather has to look rainy right now and of course tomorrow arvo would be one of the afternoons I'd really need a car to enjoy.

This is not how I want a week to start.

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