...as this little bloggish diary begins.

(not true, in fact, as my diary thingie goes back about 2 years, but it's a) all in german and b) full of private stuff and i don't want to rewrite history.) so, this is as good a point as any to start.

yesterday i spent wrangling with fai - a great tool when it works, but with an awfully steep learning curve and none too good docs - and eventually i got it to perform (mostly), some fixes left for monday. semester starts on monday, labs on tuesday. go me - for being way too perfectionist and caring about things working well.

i wore a good old adminspotting shirt and one of the new buttons - the one that says "i HATE computers" and it seems to have helped, the boxes cowered in awe and eventually performed.

got the missing pfranc plug bits (thanks Brian!), now need the time and inclination to solder the cables up - and a couple of plugs from jaycar. weather is shitty, wet warm and stormy - no flying. but, at least, some other stuff gets done (like the exmh fixes, the website fixes, the other code fixes, the fixes in the house...).

weird thing, my brain: i can and do switch keyboard layouts about 5 times a day (german and english keyboards) with minimal fuss, but i don't remember that i've switched the hinges of the fridge 2 hours ago...tried now three times in a row to open it on the wrong side.

ah, yes, you may wonder about the name of this hierarchy? that's a very secret diary meme thingie. / You are not expected to understand this /

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