The EU-constitution is going dead and the Oz dollar surges against the Euro (but of course two months too late for my most recent transfer). ATS 8.50 per AU$ is the highest in a few years... And of course there's these rumours of the Euro zone breaking apart.

Some of the newly planted shrubs around the house are dying rapidly. Others thrive. No pattern; my non-green thumb strikes again. I've got a new toy, a standalone DVD/DIVX player. And I'm done with the kitchen tiles, just did the silicone around the joints. Photos when I'm finished rubbing off the remaining grout haze and the silicone is cleaned.

The usual global stupidity abounds, the Murkins now make laws worthy of bad old Stalin: be as stool pigeon - or be a jailbird for 2 years. Samizdata has a nice discussion on that.

In local breaking news, the Tenterfield Shire (about 250km SW from here) has noted that hanging dead dogs from trees offends the tourists and that people therefore shouldn't do this anymore. What a surprise.

Over The Hedge, one of my favourite comics is no longer readable via RSS stream. dailystrips comes to the rescue.

And, to really top off the Interesting Times stuff there's lousy news at work: group A has just borged group B. I'm a part of group B. Uni council favoured group A's appetite for power. Council via group A may or may not want us to run any of the Group B stuff anymore in the medium future. Which would make the place smaller by a good third or so, and us minus jobs. Which obviously sucks.
Stephan Pastis ran the career counselling theme recently in Pearls Before Swine. That strip (a/v up to a month) fits a bit too closely for comfort.

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