keith and i spent last weekend on fraser island, setting up two of the new weather stations for fido:

these are located at orchid beach and at cathedral beach;

 orchid beach weather station cathedral beach weather station

with four stations most of the eastern, ocean facing side of the island is now covered. two more stations on the western side (at kingfisher bay and wanggoolba) will follow in the next three months.

things worked out pretty well and we did find a few hours for sightseeing, too; here are a few photos.

 near the champagne pools eurong beach turtles at lake allom kingfisher bay kingfisher bay kingfisher bay ks and az at knifeblade sandblow

to capture the size of some of the big trees i experimented with my phone to get a vertical panorama (up, up and lean baaaaaack), and while not perfect it doesn't look too bad :-)

 looking up, up and up looking up
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