Today I got a spam with this subject: Az, How I became Mr. King DongUcMbcVrw4oWy? Weird. Do they read this blog?

Spent friday morning working then fixing the radio. A bit of desolder braid, patience and stable hands and now the ham rig transmits mostly everywhere (which I don't care about or use) and in the UHF CB range (which I need). The Sparcstation5 at home got an extra fan as it's currently a bit hot (30° C) and the fans in the PSU had been screaming away.

Had a bit of flying in the afternoon, but got cramped up totally after 35 minutes of ridge soaring in rough conditions: my harness (Supair evo modular) doesn't work well for flying prone with a stirrup, but that's my favourite position (for flying. you fools.). Things are especially bad when I've got heavy junk in the back pocket, like the two liters of water on top. My stomach muscles ache.

Today we had a bit of an XC (cross-country) forum at Phil's shop and I tried on a new Gin Genie XO harness. I shouldn't have done that. Now I'll have to spend the $1200 or so on it, bummer. There's really a major difference in comfort and feel...ah well, could have gone for a top-of-the range harness two years ago, but then: what looks sillier than a novice barely being able to control his wing but adorned with a flashy XC harness? Right, nothing.

Apart from the forum a DNF day (did not fly) for me; I got lots of sun exposure but the wind situation didn't feel inviting enough and I was still tired from yesterday.

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