Yesterday evening I decided to install Civilization: Call To Power again, and 6 hours later it was 01:00 and I was sleepy and wide awake at the same time. Today I spent 11 hours on the bloody game. Horrible, just like 15(?) years ago when I sacrificed whole nights to the original Civilization game...

The hardware gremlins are still at work, the Ultra 1 I ebayed recently and got delivered today has a dead PSU. Great! Tomorrow I'm off to Killarney again, for the extended weekend: monday is one of the communist public holidays (workers' day or so, the Aussies moved the holiday from 1 May to 3 May cause the 1st is a saturday, and nobody needs publich holidays on the weekend. Makes sense, doesn't it?) and I'll spend the weekend either working on the launch sites (chainsaw, brushcutter etc.) or flying, depending on the weather.

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