See, what they didn't tell you in Terminator 2 is that Sky-Net was
originally designed to handle helpdesk calls. No wonder it went nuts
and tried to kill us all. -- Ed R. Zahurak

...except that one is not a homeomorphism but rather an example of subtractive manufacturing.

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i must say they look very unimpressed with whatever human caretaker that had this attack of the math hahas.

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i have lots of reasons!
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 all politicians suck. all hardware sucks. all software sucks, too.

source: the always awesome pearls before swine

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last week my colleagues plastered my desk area with all kinds of motivational thingies. lots of grins when i came in next morning; they simply know me too well.

i spread the enshrined good vibes back out across the office and kept only this one, because it reminds me of a hiliarious movie that i enjoy a lot (zombieland)

 gift from my colleagues

a few years back my exwife brought me this gift on one of her periodic visits, also grinning quite a bit. she definitely knows me too well.

the clunky thing is now parked in my living room in a place of honou^Whigh visibility (directly in your line of sight when the entrance door is open). does it repel god botherers and scamsters? dunno; they rarely get to the point of an open door with me.

 geschenk von barbara

a further few years back my daughter gave me this gift. she clearly also knows me very well.

it's what i use for collecting spare change, but unconditionally: i do swear at misbehaving machines, dud technology, lousy situations and general stupidity, in order to stay somewhat sane. i refuse to pay for that :-)

 geschenk von conny

now, what - if anything - might those gifts tell you about me?

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i've finally decided to change some things a bit, in the hope that i will (learn|get) to enjoy life a bit more again.

after five years of hard work at opmantek i'm very tired and quite burnt out. so i (have|will) quit my job: i submitted my resignation at the beginning of july, but effective end of december. that's because i like my colleagues and do want to give the company a decent amount of time to find somebody to fill the hole. (and it'll be a hole, not just a gap. cue silly quip about 'No More Gaps' being called 'instant carpenter' by those in the trade. 'instant software engineer', anyone?)

and me, myself and i? i will take an extended break, relax and recharge my will-to-live battery, travel a little across oz and generally take it easy for a while.

well, at least that's the plan. no idea how long it'll last or how much or little i'll enjoy the change, but i think you'll see a few more updates on this here site.

one of the reasons why i've been very quiet lately is that i'm mostly tired and need my non-copious amounts of free time to recharge and for chores, and hence am rarely in the mood to share anything online. well, (we|you)'ll see.

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you might find this useful if you've got a 3d printer or cnc setup with an mks sbase board (a cheap smoothieboard clone), and if you want to add one of the typical cheap "LJ" inductive probes (for levelling, homing, whatever).
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[ published on Tue 19.06.2018 17:52 | filed in interests/tinkering | tagged 3dprinting, smoothieboard, mks-sbase, electronics, lj18a3, lj12a3 | ] have a trashy little toaster and two slices of bread that don't quite fit, and you're considering the orientation and the general topology of the bread so as to get the maximum even browning of the slices.

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a little sign of life:


that's me enjoying the beach in the evening. the quieter beach areas in the evening are pretty much the only thing that i do like about the gold coast.

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i don't watch much tv. never have, likely never will. ("not much" is no more than half an hour a month.)

i definitely watch no live tv at all as that amounts to cruel and unusual punishment; instead i use my fairly old twin-tuner topfield disk recorder which does time-shift pretty well.
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i've had a local SSL CA for my own porpoises for years, and this site did in fact provide https access with those non-globally-trusted certificates for a while now.

i haven't advertised this at all because subjecting every one of my few visitors to a 'warning - untrusted ca, dangerous connection, it's for the security!!!!' kind of crap experience is not my aim.

in the meantime let's encrypt has appeared on the scene, and it works sortakinda well - about as well as can be expected with the utterly untrustworthy 'trust' design that is X.509.
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buying a big chunk of pork shoulder (because it was much cheaper per kilo than the smaller rolled roasts), only to realise at home that you don't have a single oven-ready vessel that the chunk of meat will fit into.

ah well, at least i have sharp knives and so will enjoy two separate roasts...

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i had to laugh when i saw the caption for the top photo on this current news story about politicians having sex: harold holt, curiously misplaced prime minister, and his fishy "mistress (not pictured)".

 maybe he was abducted by mermaids.
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a few days ago i realised that our daughter conny will be half our age this year ("our age" as in individual, not summed).

an interesting thought with slightly scary implications.

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i've got a new toy. it's a cube. no, it's a cross. no, it's a re-cycle - it's new-to-me. it's also a bi-cycle.

 neues rad neues rad neues rad

my boss had an older cube cx cyclocross bicycle with pretty nice components for sale, and i decided (with a little help) that i should get myself something nice every now and then even though i technically don't need it (because my old mtb is still running fine; i've had that since 2010 and it was about 4-8 years old even then).

and because that bike is a bit too nice to leave outside it needs a stand. a bit of scrap wood, some screws and some time with speed square and circular saw later and we have an upcycled stand. tadaa. ugly but works.

 upcycled cycle stand upcycled cycle stand upcycled cycle stand
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a little update might be in order: quite a few years ago i first mentioned that i do like mdev and that hasn't changed. actually i like it much more nowadays, because i utterly detest systemd & co, its perpetrators and the mindset behind that pile of crap.

so here's what i have to share in the way of mdev-related, hopefully useful, stuff:

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Recently I've experimented a little with twitter, but so far I'm not a big fan.

I really don't grok people claiming the 140 char limit to be 'liberating'; to me it's just one big annoyance: if I don't have to say anything then I tend to shut up - and if there is something noteworthy that I would indeed like to share, then it's quite unlikely to fit into that dinky straightjacket format. (It's pretty obvious that I'm not a big SMS user either.)

Most of what I've seen of twitter feels like looking at JPEGs with quality level 1; sure, you can recognize that there's something on that picture but its nowhere near intelligible and and it hurts my eyes.

On the other hand, I do see uses for this kind of sparrowy chirping; for example, as a platform for quick updates about local speed cameras and the like I think it's very good.

Ambivalence, thy name is az...

Update (Fri 20.10.2017 22:43):

nope, not for me. my twitter account is gone and i'm going back to literate communication.

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i've been asked to extend kuvert a little, so that it optionally completely rejects emails unless it can encrypt it for all recipients.

that's done now; version 2.1.0 includes that new option, and a variety of minor fixes and code cleanup.

kuvert's source is downloadable here or on github. the updated manpage is available here.

Update (Mon 02.10.2017 12:09):

...but wait, there's more.

recently i've been getting more feedback/patches via kuvert's github presence and kuvert has gained a few minor features and improvements: optional custom config file, you can configure your gpg path (welcome back, gpg1...) better starttls support (and debugging) if you're using a recentish perl and thus a modern net::smtp, better compat with weird clients if you use kuvert as msp and so on.

we're at version 2.2.1 now and as always kuvert is downloadable here or from github; naturally it's in debian unstable and will hit testing in a few days.

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the EFF is much too nice in wording their farewell letter; the register has an overview.

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 conny at graduation certified conny

conny had her uni graduation ceremony yesterday.

very well done, dear daughter, "with distinction" despite working a fulltime job! you should be proud - but don't take this as an excuse to slack off totally now ;-)

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both my place's front and back doors have extra insect screen doors, a vital feature in this part of the world.

but almost every time i open it, the screen door flies open and bangs against the bricks. noise, scratches, ugly torquing of the flimsy hinges, clearly undesirable, and i was getting very sick of this.

(aside: when i bought the place it had automatic door closers on the screen doors, but these were far worse than the problem they attempted to solve so i took them off.)

so, what would az do? as usual i found a simple, quick, workable and cheap solution that makes creative use of stuff i had around.

 debumped screen door debumped screen door debumped screen door

cut 3cm of leftover pipe insulation foam (which i had bought for a purpose entirely unlike the official one...), slice longitudinally, contact-glue to the bricks, done.

now the door has an unobtrusiveand spongy 'soft' limiter and if and when it gets too gungy i'll just scrape off the glue and glue on a fresh bit of foam.

/me likes.

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the area: quite beautiful (the town: hopelessly overcrowded with tourists)

 queenstown pano queenstown hill panorama queenstown hill panorama

the occasion: conny and andrew getting married

 leaving the chapel outside the chapel heliflight to the ledge at the reception at the reception at the reception

the funniest thing: what the kiwis call their shopping carts

 trundlers in queenstown
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this is not quite the cipherpunk's creed...because there is no such jingoist thing. but still:

"this is my pgp key. there are many like it, but this one is mine. my key is my best friend. without me, my key is useless."

...except that there are assholes out there who spend time on engineering pgp short-id collisions.

so, this is my key, as is this really ancient one and also this work key (ignoring some revoked and expired old keys). my set of keys is of course also available on this very website.

but if you search the keyservers for keys with my email address or by short key id, then you'll find some very clashing crap that does not belong to me at all:

$ gpg --batch --search-keys --keyid-format short B963BD5F
4096 bit RSA key B963BD5F, created: 2014-06-16, expires: 2016-11-02 (revoked) (expired)
4096 bit RSA key B963BD5F, created: 2013-11-03, expires: 2019-07-02

$ gpg --batch --search-keys --keyid-format short 5B586291
1024 bit RSA key 5B586291, created: 2014-06-16 (revoked)
1024 bit RSA key 5B586291, created: 1996-08-03

$ gpg --batch --search-keys --keyid-format short 42BD645D
1024 bit DSA key 42BD645D, created: 1999-06-06, expires: 2015-09-11 (expired)
1024 bit RSA key 42BD645D, created: 2014-06-16, expires: 2015-09-10 (revoked) (expired)

in all three cases the key created on (or with the clock set to) 2014-06-16 is not mine, despite the short form of the key id matching mine. the long ids are different, just as expected.

morale: short key ids are passé, use the long ones and only the long ones.

morale 2: there's always some asshole somewhere who tries to wreck things just to wreck things.

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...pity that its topic totally applies to me.

 newest shirt

(source: the ever-awesome xkcd)

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das 'innenministerium' heisst auf ungarisch 'belügyminisztérium'.

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she's a cool person, i highly suspect her boyfriend thinks she's hot - i find her awesome, because i get the best birthday presents from her.

this year they included, amongst other things, some really hot stuff:

 supersaucy sauces

i opened one bottle yesterday, and wohoohoooooot! two hours after having a little on some toasted bread i still felt it burn around my mouth. very nice stuff, thank you conny!

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...finding that photo. i still find it pretty funny.

 confused roos
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weil einen braunen arsch zu haben ist wirklich das letzte.

das wählen in österreich ist ja meistens mehr eine übung zum arschauswischen; aber diesmal brauchts grad das besonders dringend.

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looking at my life so far i'd classify myself as a facultative perfectionist, in contrast to my father who is an obligate perfectionist: i can (occasionally) call something 'good enough' and leave it at that (but i won't be happy), whereas he just cannot stop until the required degree of perfection is reached.

(of course there's also the dark side of any degree of perfectionist affliction: lots of things don't get started, at all, if you know or feel that you won't have the time/energy/whatever to finish it off perfectly and completely.)

where that data point fits into the nurture versus nature discussion i don't know.

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