i've been asked to extend kuvert a little, so that it optionally completely rejects emails unless it can encrypt it for all recipients.

that's done now; version 2.1.0 includes that new option, and a variety of minor fixes and code cleanup.

kuvert's source is downloadable here or on github. the updated manpage is available here.

Update (Mon 02.10.2017 13:09):

...but wait, there's more.

recently i've been getting more feedback/patches via kuvert's github presence and kuvert has gained a few minor features and improvements: optional custom config file, you can configure your gpg path (welcome back, gpg1...) better starttls support (and debugging) if you're using a recentish perl and thus a modern net::smtp, better compat with weird clients if you use kuvert as msp and so on.

we're at version 2.2.1 now and as always kuvert is downloadable here or from github; naturally it's in debian unstable and will hit testing in a few days.

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Kuvert was recently featured on the debaday blog, and somebody asked me to put the manual pages on the web.

So here they are, ugly as sin (because I couldn't convince groff or any other converter to render -mdoc manual pages in HTML without breaking them completely):

manpage for kuvert
manpage for kuvert_mta_wrapper

Update (Tue 04.09.2012 21:40):

The manpages have been updated for kuvert version 2.0.7: Manpage for kuvert
Manpage for kuvert_submit

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I've just completed testing the next generation of my kuvert tool: Version 2.0.0 is out here and has just been uploaded to debian Sid. It's full of Nice New Things that make kuvert more useful, the most notable ones being:

  • inbound SMTP support
    You can tell kuvert to listen on localhost on a port of your choice for inbound messages. (This absolutely requires ESMTP authentication as pointed out in the manpage.) Benefit: any garden-variety mail user agent can send via SMTP, which means it can interoperate with kuvert. You don't have to bother with the submission wrapper anymore (but it is still available of course).
  • outbound SMTP support
    Kuvert now can speak SMTP to any server of your choice. No more need for a local MTA installation (unless you prefer one, in which case kuvert will work like before).
  • support for gpg-agent

There are also quite a few other goodies, but I haven't cooked up a good changes document yet; You'll have to read the manpage.

Update (Fri 17.09.2010 14:31):

Kuvert version 2.0.4 has been released. New feature: kuvert now supports SMTP Authentiction for submitting your outbound emails to an MTA (No TLS/SSL yet). Sources here, binaries at the Debian mirror of your choice.

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1.1.13 is available here (and via apt-get install kuvert in debian and ubuntu).

Changes: the pgp-signature part is now tagged a bit more extensively with a content-description and the "canonical" filename; while the filename tag was there in an earlier version (and got removed for reasons lost in time), the content description might help the more...suboptimal mail clients out there.

The prod to do this came from Andreas Labres.

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Kuvert is a tool that automatically signs and/or encrypts outgoing email using the PGP/MIME standard (RFC3156), based on the availability of the recipient's key in your keyring.
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