Somehow I don't think I'll run out of caps anytime soon.


As I've been tinkering a little bit with electronics and microcontrollers recently, some more components were required. I dislike wasting money. And I like bargains.

Somebody sold off his stuff by the kilo, after retiring from an electronics repair career. All bandoleered, also mostly labelled and well mixed: a few strips of transistors and filters/ceramic resonators, resistors, a pile of chokes/inductors, some tantalums, a pile of ceramic caps, a big pile of film caps and a bloody huge pile of electrolytics. I said well mixed: all common values well represented. Ah yes, and more fuse holders than I'll ever need.

4.7kg of gear, for a whopping total of AU$80. I'm pretty pleased. But the sorting is a pain.

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1.1.13 is available here (and via apt-get install kuvert in debian and ubuntu).

Changes: the pgp-signature part is now tagged a bit more extensively with a content-description and the "canonical" filename; while the filename tag was there in an earlier version (and got removed for reasons lost in time), the content description might help the more...suboptimal mail clients out there.

The prod to do this came from Andreas Labres.

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Kuvert is a tool that automatically signs and/or encrypts outgoing email using the PGP/MIME standard (RFC3156), based on the availability of the recipient's key in your keyring.
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It's not an eagle but a hawk, but it serves as Eagle Airlines for some nasty blackbirds.

Photos by Alan Stankevitz, whose webshite sucks (flash-infested eye cancer) but whose photos rock!

(via the OZ report)

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Just came back from a trip to Ikea, and I'm pissed: They have discontinued 60cm wide Billys. WAAAAAH! The most essential size for a book shelf and they just dumped it (40 is too narrow, 80 is too wide)...Dimbulbs.

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