This weekend was one of those DNF ones, with loads of annoyance thrown in.
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Apropos big boys and their toys: I now have a new circular saw ($48 for this Chinese GMC-"brand" one) and a dishwasher. The dishwasher is boring but useful, while the saw is exciting and dangerous.

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...I wouldn't write anything for the blog anymore, but it seems I can't help sending out those superfluous, uninteresting, nondescript ramblings.

Ah well.

Off to Killarney in a few minutes, for a weekend of camping, flying and Gl├╝hwein. More when I'm back.

[ published on Fri 19.05.2006 12:57 | filed in still-not-king | ]

Looks like I won't update this blog anymore. The rest of the site might stay, don't know yet if I want to keep anything at all or not.

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This fellow seems to have been pretty close to Taking Drastic Measures.

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Yesterday the christmas gift from my family in .at arrived.

Christmas as in "Christmas 2005".

After a measly 6 months enroute and with the outside paper-and-plastic tube in a battered and fucked up state, but it arrived. From the looks of it, the postal idiots took the 'fragile!' note as an encouragement first to pack a few tons of junk on top of the tube and then to route it via Mars...

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The disadventure hits it spot on. sigh

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