Yesterday was pretty nice for care-free afternoon ridge-soaring at Beechmont. Pleasant enough to take some photos, in fact (something that you don't get to do if the air is rough).

so here's Drew(?), a newly addicted flier having fun.

 drew beechmont

And that's me floating around in my lawnchair.

 az over beechmont az over beechmont az over beechmont az over beechmont az over beechmont

And Pete, in his equivalent of a camp stool (=superlightweight harness).

 pete over beechmont pete over beechmont
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This week my sister Nina finally completed her degree, after gallivanting around the universe for the last decade and a half or so. She's now what she once jokingly called a "diplomierte Strickliesl" (sorry, untranslatable) and what everybody else would call "magistra artium (textile restoration and conservation)".

Well done, sister!

With that achievement our branch of the Zangerls has well and truly overfulfilled the quota of academics (as in "100%"). Maybe, with the generational pendulum being what it is, Conny and Emil (Nina's recently hatched son) will decide for Something Vastly More Practical for their careers, like plumber or machinist or farmer or mason?

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A pair of youngsters rode the Yarra River in Melbourne using sex dolls for buoyancy. Imagine the embarrassment when they had to be rescued.

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...or any low-lying places around Brisbane. Here on the Gold Coast things are quiet, no flooding anywhere. But with the crappy weather of the recent weeks just about anything starts growing mould and mildew. I'm pretty sick of the humidity...

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