Certain Lamas can live at an altitude of 12442m. That is, if it's an Aerospatiale Lama, if the pilot is Jean Boulet, and if it's the 21st of June, 1972.

Two days later I was born.

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In the beginning Oz was cursed with British bread: white, without form and void; and darkness was on az's face. And moldy spirits were hovering over the bakery shelves.

Then az said 'Let there be Rye!'; and there was rye bread. And az saw the rye bread, that it was good; and az divided the Real Bread from the White Crap.

 fresh rye bread fresh rye bread

Life would be so much less nice without my bread maker and decent ingredients.

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(sorry for the untranslatable title :-))

So Reuters polls 835 yanks online, and extrapolates 835 bots' answers to 'Nearly half of all Americans' - great work! snort

Inferring a "credibility interval" of +/-4% from a sample this tiny is pretty creative use of statistics.

Anyway, 47% of those 835 bots are, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, complete idiots ("those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.") - and that's what nearly 100% of all the az's on the internet say.

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the fable of the #debian channel is fun to read (but unfortunately also quite true).

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Damn. I just read that Iain Banks died. No more Culture novels with their lovingly madly named ships, no more Wasp Factory greatness. I'll miss his grandly scoped books.

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