Some asshole stole my bicycle. Walked to the rear of my house, took the bike, vanished. I wish he/she breaks his/her wretched neck while using it!

Sigh. It wasn't worth too much (got it for $500 second hand three years ago) but still...callous bastard! Ah well, so I don't have to think about fixing all the minor annoyances the bike started to suffer from.

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...with his assessement of today's pervasive 'murkin "security theatre".

Doesn't anyone else remember, back during the Cold War, when we used to laugh at the Soviets for barring photography of bridges, dams, trains, and other items of "strategic importance"? It made no sense as a security countermeasure then, and it makes no sense as one now.

That's him on the New York subway planning to ban photography in the tunnels and stations as "aiding terrorists". Idiots.

As always, his CRYPTO-GRAM monthly is a scaringly good read.

Update (Wed 30.06.2004 14:02):
"The United States has expelled two Iranian security guards employed by Tehran's United Nations offices after the mission was repeatedly warned against allowing its guards to videotape bridges, the Statue of Liberty and New York's subway, U.S. officials said on Tuesday."

The explanation seems to be limited to this:

"These individuals were moving around New York City and essentially taking photographs of a variety of New York landmarks and infrastructure and the rest," U.S. envoy Stuart Holliday told reporters at U.N. headquarters."

Link to the Reuters article

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Having a cold sucks. Having a sore, runny and blocked nose sucks. Going through tissues by the crate sucks. Having to lecture despite that sucks.

But, I've got network access again. That doesn't suck :-)

I've also taken the time to start a new pot of homebrew; the water heater is the only convenient spot where it's warm enough for proper sustained fermentation.

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...then I don't know:

Bringing up a new, far-reaching law proposal, having no hearings on it at all for just under 3 months, then getting it passed by senate without a single debate: what's that? democracy? I don't think so.

The target? anybody using P2P sharing systems, not just copyright violators. The name? the PIRATE act. The benficiaries: the Content Cartel.

More on this

[ published on Tue 29.06.2004 01:52 | filed in interests/anti | ]

I'm talking about the "Speedtouch Home/Pro" which I got cheap from a friend.
click here for the rest of the story...

[ published on Tue 29.06.2004 01:38 | filed in mystuff | ]

My (lack of) luck with ISPs in this place is a bit odd, but then people call Oz a developing country wrt Internet access and pricing. The following account of the last 3 years may be boring.
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The weekend of 12./13.6. we spent at Killarney, camping, freezing a bit in the cold evenings, and as usual flying.
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[ published on Sun 27.06.2004 17:13 | filed in interests/flying | ]

Yesterday I added this to my /etc/emacs/site-start.el

(defun browse-url-mozilla-firebird (url arg)
   (format "mozilla-firebird -remote 'openURL(%s, new-tab)'" 
(setq browse-url-browser-function 'browse-url-mozilla-firebird)
(global-set-key [S-mouse-3] 'browse-url)

and wohee, no more cut-n-mispaste. All hail emacs. Now where do I find something similar for trn (/me can't stand gnus)...

[ published on Sat 26.06.2004 20:02 | filed in interests/comp | ]

As mentioned in my other posting there's this absolutely insidious law proposal floating around. Ernest Miller haspublished a superb rebuttal.

Link to Ernest's rebuttal

[ published on Sat 26.06.2004 01:00 | filed in interests/anti | ]

It's been a while since the last diary updates, mostly due to the lack of network access at home. Boy, this sucks so badly...
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19. Juni 2004 13:24

Der Prozess steht auf des Messers Schneide,
Da frisst der gute Blepp gleich Kreide.
War da was mit Copyright?
Das war doch gar nicht bös gemeint!

Die GPL ist null und nichtig?
Na ja, so ist das nicht ganz richtig!
Man hat SCO bestohlen?
Da sprach man doch nur in Symbolen!

Die freie Welt, sie wird verteidigt?
Nein! McBride war nur beleidigt,
Als IBM nicht wollte kaufen,
Das war natürlich dumm gelaufen.

Und jetzt will man sich besinnen,
Um neue Kunden zu gewinnen,
Doch denk ich, daraus wird nichts werden,
Denn Darl sitzt auf den falschen Pferden!

So soll es allen Geiern gehen,
Die nach Belieben Recht verdrehen,
Die auf fetten Ärschen hocken,
Wissen eins nur: abzuzocken.

Link zum heise newsticker

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So this is The Day and I'm roughly halfway down my life track. But somehow this half does not exactly inspire any sense of expectation for the next half.

[ published on Wed 23.06.2004 12:36 | filed in still-not-king | ]

MS is sueing a brasilian government employee who's had the audacity to think that MS is a bunch of evil people, and gasp said so: he's being quoted as saying that MS follows a strategy of sowing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Well, I say so, too: MS shall roast in hell, they'll be the first against the...nevermind, forget the HHGTTG.

His simple quote is the basis of MS's lawsuit, and this stinks to high heaven. Ah well, I don't buy MS products anyway, and publicity nosedives like that one will make sure that less and less thinking people do.
Link to Lessig's discussion of the issue

[ published on Tue 22.06.2004 15:39 | filed in interests/anti | ]

/ol recently brought up an ancient argument regarding time metrics and the net which might be a successful compromise for the ugly warts that software patents are.

Postulating the idea of Internet Time, we could look at a term for Internet-relevant patents of about 3 realtime-years. 3 years seem to be suitable: not exactly nothing and thus likely good enough to give the inventor time to exploit his leadership, but not enough to block a competitor forever. Given such a proposal, you wouldn't have to argue that software is a different field of technology where patents do not make sense. The only line of argument to cover is that the rate of development for software and the like is so much faster that a patent term of 20 realtime-years corresponds to over 100 years in other areas. A real-world analogy: should a car maker really need a license to build a diesel engine today?"

(argument translated and paraphrased by me.)

This very idea can also be found here.

[ published on Mon 21.06.2004 14:38 | filed in interests | ]

...meint zumindest die deutsche Rechtsprechung. Ich bin sicher die Österreichische variante ist genauso hirnrissig und verkneif mir das 'saupreussen, gsöchte!'...

"Der Wertsack ist ein Beutel, der auf Grund seiner besonderen Verwendung im Postbeförderungsdienst nicht Wertbeutel, sondern Wertsack genannt wird, weil sein Inhalt aus mehreren Wertbeuteln besteht, die in dem Wertsack nicht verbeutelt, sondern versackt werden."

Link zu mehr Details

[ published on Mon 21.06.2004 14:32 | filed in interests/humour | ]
"Five days after arguing that the Eolas browser plug-in patent should be invalidated as obvious, Microsoft pocketed a patent of its own for 'Computer programming language pronouns', which covers the use of ellipses, blanks, and ditto marks as substitutes for names in a computer programming language. Perhaps the USPTO was won over by the patent's eloquent conclusion: 'Eliminating names is a substantial benefit as programmers dislike creating names.'"

Link to this glorious patent

[ published on Mon 21.06.2004 14:27 | filed in interests/humour | ]

This article on Perl's special variables has reassured my view of the world: all software sucks, plenty. For example, the ".." operator in scalar context is a mighty beast with plenty of tentacles.

But I still like Perl most, compared to all the other scripting languages.

[ published on Mon 21.06.2004 14:12 | filed in interests/comp | ]

A very interesting speech by Cory Doctorow, given at MS Research a couple of days ago. The boiled-down version:

"Here's what I'm here to convince you of:
1. That DRM systems don't work
2. That DRM systems are bad for society
3. That DRM systems are bad for business
4. That DRM systems are bad for artists
5. That DRM is a bad business-move for MSFT"

Link to the article

[ published on Mon 21.06.2004 13:21 | filed in interests/anti | ]

For friends I've recently produced a website for a paragliding competition with a dark green theme. Which doesn't look too bad (for me being not a design person), so I added it as an optional stylesheet to the main site. Enjoy.

[ published on Fri 18.06.2004 01:00 | filed in about/site | ]
Tomorrow, Senator Orrin Hatch (R - UT) will introduce one of the most blatant attempts at copyright maximalization ever attempted - the INDUCE Act.

Now this stinks so badly out of every possible orifice that I don't include anything more here. If you want something to puke, look at the discussion at Corante.

[ published on Thu 17.06.2004 20:00 | filed in interests/anti | ]

So verislime of recent sitefinder !fame are tasked with running the upcoming RFID register. Time to dig up those Ham-on-steroids plans...
News Link
RMS about zappers

Update (Tue 15.06.2004 13:19):

Ha, userfriendly tools start to emerge: c't has plans for an RFID detector online which would cost about e15 to build, and the german FoeBuD is already presenting the betas of its blocker box.

[ published on Thu 15.01.2004 22:36 | filed in interests/anti | ]
Jun  9 02:03:04 elephant kernel: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 809c4000
Jun  9 02:03:04 elephant kernel: tsk->{mm,active_mm}->context = 0000001f
Jun  9 02:03:04 elephant kernel: tsk->{mm,active_mm}->pgd = fc028800
Jun  9 02:03:04 elephant kernel:               \|/ ____ \|/
Jun  9 02:03:04 elephant kernel:               "@'/ ,. \`@"
Jun  9 02:03:04 elephant kernel:               /_| \__/ |_\
Jun  9 02:03:04 elephant kernel:                  \__U_/
Jun  9 02:03:04 elephant kernel: dumper(11972): Oops
Jun  9 02:03:04 elephant kernel: PSR: 04800fc7 PC: f0030448 NPC: f003044c Y: 00000000    Not tainted

This is what you don't want to see in the logs of a remote box. Sigh, Linux 2.4.x on sun4m does leave a bit of stability to be desired...

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Almost a year after I've moved inty my house, I've finally found the time and willingness to prepare a couple of images.
click here for the rest of the story...

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Coldcalling bastards. I got three of the suckers yesterday, but nowadays I'm about as happy to waste their time as they like to waste mine: I simply answer their initial "greeting" and put the handset down besides the phone. (another way of sucking their time is to interject "please hold a second" and then putting down the handset, works about as well.)


About two or three minutes later they've usually given up givin their spiel to thin air and I hang up. That at least gives me the illusion of them losing valuable time for other coldcalls and thus tones down my murderous anger about those assholes^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^Wmakes me happy.

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About 1% of this JBOD would do me fine, TYVM...
Link to the system the disks belong to

[ published on Sat 05.06.2004 12:36 | filed in brainfarts | ]

You'd think so. And you'd be wrong.

Case in favour: yesterday the TV news (SBS, my favourite TV broadcaster here) showed the latest, earthshattering, really important piece of Austrian news: that a boat in the Seegrotte had capsized and a couple of tourists had drowned.

The commentator had a slightly hard time pronouncing "Hinterbrühl", but apart from that this is nothing short of amazing (it also tells you something how much interesting Austrian news items there are).

[ published on Wed 02.06.2004 14:00 | filed in interests/au | ]

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