my father wanted to know what kind of car i drive; apparently the soobies aren't exactly common in austria? - at least that was his excuse for not associating my answer ("2006 forester") with anything. well, here you are:

 soobyroo mk2 soobyroo mk2 soobyroo mk2 soobyroo mk2 soobyroo mk2 soobyroo mk2
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the elevator billboards in the office building lobby have not shown the correct weather screen a single time during our four months there. mind you, the stock tickers are current down to the milli-cent, but the weather? "feels like undefined".

i on the other hand feel reasonably good about work, what i do and who i do it with. sure, the last five months have been pretty busy and occasionally quite stressful but that comes with working in a small startup.

it's nice to be able to make a difference; the downside is of course that you do make a difference, whether you want it (e.g. having a stroke of genius) or not (e.g. having a bad day slogging through hard-to-grok undocumented complex tangles).

but i'm not complaining, except that i'm often too tired come saturday morning to even consider going flying - and that, combined with the vagarities of the wind & weather isn't ideal...

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why? well, i've just rebuilt my blog engine to use markdown instead of raw html and homegrown hacks. (i had to rework surprisingly few articles, and grep, xargs and of course perl took care of that pretty quickly anyway.)

what, you thought i meant having tw*itter, freakbook, gargle and sundry 'social' garbage buttons on my site? YGTBK: in my book all that stuff belongs to the category 'naughties' and i'm not naughty.

Update (Mon 10.03.2014 20:55):

another evolutionary change:

i've just finished the rebuil the site's engine using mojolicious instead of HTML::Mason 1.x.

i did it mostly for the fun of it, partially because i needed more mojo mojo for work anyway, and last but not least because HTML::Mason and mod_perl2 are somewhat uneasy neighbours.

[ published on Thu 18.04.2013 13:04 | filed in about/site | ] really still great; I've been offering a mirror of it for almost 15 years now (but the link has changed a bit); the official version nowadays comes as html in frames (yuck), with the plain variant well hidden...

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