maybe it's the Mother Of All Rants? Well, maybe not - but he's got a very good point there (one that i totally share, not that anybody'd care about me): that unnecessary obscurity is a lousy design choice.

very much related: ESR's The Art of Unix Programming, which I used quite a lot when I was teaching - some of my students may even have gotten the point...

(I also like the nicely captured photo on this report...)

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it'll complement my nirvana shirt - multi-cultural life and all that :-)

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When my boss' father, john sinclair, mentioned that he could use some help with building and installing a rain gauge with online data collection on Fraser Island (for I naturally said 'sure'; my experiences with designing and building two remote wind stations for the CHGC were good, and I find things like that interesting projects to tackle. The rest of this article documents the good, the bad and the ugly sides of the exercise - if you want just the goodies skip to the page bottom :-)
click here for the rest of the story...

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