Tomorrow I'm going camping for a few days. The weather forecast is pretty average but it'll be fun nevertheless. I'm going to join up with some friends at Bundjalung National Park (in the Black Rock area - camping right behind the dunes and the beach) and I'm loaded for bear, gear-wise.
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...just single-minded focus on the one thing that matters: not stuffing up that landing.

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would you please send me a kill switch for my give-a-shitter? I need that to survive work without going mad and committing mega-idioticide... Oh, and a set of human-rated gills, please, too: to survive the cruddy weather this "summer.

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that's what Xeni at boingboing says, and I totally agree: blocking is futile, information wants to be free and all that.

The mirror list at seems well-updated.

My recommendation: also check out the Tor Hidden Services for wikileaks/cablegate (only a few so far, but that'll surely change - in this case Tor is great because it also protects/hides the mirror operator).

The ones I know of right now:

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A few months ago Rob gave me his gumstick camera when he upgraded, and since then I've been thinking about recording some flights. These cameras are dirt-cheap (a few dollars on ebäh) and not bad spec-wise, this one records 640x480@30fps onto a microsd card. Lots of variants and they all look like this.

Last weekend I finally tried it out, velcro/rubber-banded to my helmet's chin guard, and the results are quite ok. Primarily I did it for Conny, but others might want to see how paragliding looks like from my perspective (but of course there's lots more interesting pilot videos out there!).
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