There are people who pull off pretty amazing stunts, like getting lost for three days/four nights in a fairly small national park just inland from the Gold Coast.

Somehow I can see only one explanation: she must have been wearing her bikini over her eyes :-)

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 accidental h+s

that's the way i read this company name: 'your health and safety is unintentional and purely accidental, as you wouldn't need to buy our services if you were safe and healthy.'

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 protected sansa clickplus

Recently I had to get a replacement music player (primarily for walking and cycling), and I settled on a cheap secondhand Sansa Clip+. When I'm on my bicycle I want to have the player out of the way, under my shirt - it's on random anyway, and I never look at it. But I sweat a lot, and the clip+ has some unprotected openings (a mini-usb socket and a micro-sd slot).

My solution: cut a finger from a rubber glove and, well, roll it on :-)

And now for some Totally Unimportant Facts: The French wikipedia page on condoms has substantially more instructional pictures than the german or english ones. the german page at least prominently links to usage instructions on wikibooks.

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I've been asked if I could update my growatt inverter status reader to also upload the live data to for graphing and trend analysis.

This being perl it's a simple modification; here is the new version of read-growatt which does the submission if you hand it your pvoutput site id and api key. It also displays the readings in a slightly more human-friendly format.

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(pic snarfed from the demotivator company)

Researchers have found that going to meetings makes people stupid. (The whole paper can be found here - a candidate for an IG Nobel Price?)

If only the apparatchiks in my place of ork knew that - or even better, read this Harvard Business review article...

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One of the nasty coercive laws of the last few years has just taken a beating:

A Yank federal appeals court has ruled that being forced to decrypt your stuff is unconstitutional. Good for the J. Doe in question, who relied on TrueCrypt which is a pretty nice tool (open-source - but badly licenced, multi-platform, and it does plausible deniability).

The actual text of the ruling is also pretty interesting in its argumentation.

Now if only the powers that be in this place would scrap the Cybercrime Act 2001 No. 161, items 12 and 28...

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