If you're situated somewhere near the Gold Coast and need a Unix/Linux sysadmin/netadmin/security person/software geek for some Unix-related magic, then you might like to know that I'm for hire (casual/hourly or long-term).

I'm likely not the cheapest around (cf. 'pay peanuts, get monkeys') but then I'm quite good at what I'm doing and have a fair amount of experience (22+ years various Unixes, C, Assembler, Lisp, 19+ years Linux, 15+ years Perl, 10+ years as Debian Developer - thus quite familiar with Debian and its derivatives like Ubuntu - and so on...)

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 me in 1972 later that year around 97/98 me, myself and i in 2010 november 2013, still not king of style with my niece johanna in 2019
  • born sometime in 1972

  • Austrian by chance, now living in Australia by choice

  • classic hacker in appearance and habit

  • graduate of the Technical University of Vienna (with the degree of "Dipl.-Ing. Tech. Math." which is somewhere between a "masters" degree in computer science and/or mathematics and a full PhD) and more recently of Bond Uni (with a PhD).

  • unix/linux sysadmin, security consultant, developer etc.
    This is clearly not my full resume; if you need one please ask.

  • and lots of other things no one cares about to know...but if you do, have a look in the interests section.

Update (Fri 06.08.2010 15:23):

I suppose it was time for a new photo, and Conny delivered a nice one :-)

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If you want to contact me, and you're not using the Internet Exploder or MS Outhouse, then simply clicking on the comment link at the lower right edge of any post will connect you to an email address that works.

Mind you, both the URL as well as the email are close to the edge of what the standards allow. So far none of the spammer scraping engines has had sufficient clue to use these links. The same is true for Outhouse, I'm being told by friends. Well, that's GOOD: get yourself a Real Mail Program if you need to communicate with me!

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I hate Spam. If you think about selling me something, forget it! I'll remember you and will never ever buy from you.

If you need to contact me, send me an email. My address consists of the local component az+no+fscking+spam and the domain-part should be snafu.priv.at. No idea what I'm talking about? Read the relevant standards document, then.

If possible use GnuPG and encrypt+sign your message; see my crypto comms page for details.

What only stupid spammers do is to try this mail link.

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