I finally decided to get rid of Blosxom as the formatting engine for this website: there were some nice ideas but the plug-in system never matured properly, the internals were rather ugly and overall it was way too cranky to make it DWIM.

The replacement uses one small piece of perl to collate the blog files on my desktop into a single YAML database/file. The blog source will stay a set of Blosxom-formatted individual files, because having files rules (think: grep, glimpse, backups etc).

The other side of things (presentation in a webby form) is handled by a very small set of HTML::Mason components (basically just one autohandler and one dhandler), with some caching sprinkled judiciously on top to keep the pain down.

As usual all components are my own software (of course except Mason, Perl and Apache) - because when I decide that a custom solution is really required, then I properly customize things :-)

Other minor changes include the popup menus (pure CSS) for archives and the fact that time- and category-based archives are now paginated (to reduce loading times and make the archives easier to read).

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