Today I talked to my daughter on the phone. Conny complained about having read stuff on this here website, where I had put one of her recent photos and where I had said something about me hoping that she'd lose her extra weight so that she can enjoy her life (and adolescence) more.

She took exception to that (well-meant!) wish. :-) But, and that's the good news, she also got rid of some of the weight: $conny-=7kg;

Very well done, dear Conny! I'm proud of you (and hope you do enjoy your life...)

In other news, the weather sucks and timing sucks and all of that sucks (on my wallet): I had planned to go to Rainbow Beach from tomorrow until after Easter, for a bit of relaxing beach flying. The forecast says strong wind warnings, rain, and a completely wrong wind direction, so all my friends have bugged out, and I won't drive the 350km either. So far so good, but I'll lose the hefty deposit for the bloody apartment... it hurts to write off $300 in exchange for absolutely nothing. sigh

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