These bastards and these crooks have no conscience, and I have learned a lesson.

10 years ago, a relative of the exwife suggested to us to invest in a particular product, Kapital & Wert Boden-invest Flexibel: pay $fixedsum/month for 10 years and get a good result from the fonds investing in housing and similar. Bulletproof, better returns than most other options but a long term.

Right. The fuckers managed not just not to produce any positive return, but actually lost me some 4.6% of my investment. It turns out that they stuffed all of the investors but good: first by handing out very high commissions to the conslutants (and to themselves), then by investing heavily in Argentine government bonds (which subsequently crashed). Some people lost a good 30%, and of course, the contracts and brochures and consultants were in no way making it clear that this was superhighrisk investment. And naturally, the contracts were tricky enough not to have any real chance of getting them...

Morale: the AWD, the BodenInvest and the Kapital&Wert people are scum and can't be trusted.

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