they've bolted a "yahoo groups" hump <barf> onto the usenet archive, also adding "features" like email hiding in the message, body as well as headers - which means that whatever their stupid robot thinks is an email - ie. anything before and after an at sign anywhere is replaced by x...@yourdomain.tld. message ids are obfuckated, too. all your postings are belong to them (they think). you can't respond (without signing up for "google groups" - yeah right...) and you can't see the email addys anywhere at all. an interesting thing that came up during the obligatory /. discussion of this stupid move:

apparently the berne convention (which seems to have been ratified even by the silly murkins) states the the author has the right " object to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of, or other derogatory action in relation to, the said work, which would be prejudicial to his honor or reputation." well, displaying my posts to usenet mangled, with an email address that is invalid and not mine, and without my message ids, breaking all the MIDs or email addresses i may have included in the posting certainly is damaging my reputation as a nerd, nitpicker and Bastard. THEREFORE I OBJECT! <sfx:manic cackle, caused by the realisation that no one cares anyway> so far most of the country TLD google portals still use the old useful dejagoogle interface, so not all is lost just yet. for a reputedly tech-savvy and insightful company like google this is an insultingly stupid move earning them a center place in the front row against that wall when the revolution comes.

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