Some weeks ago I happened to be up and about still when Rage ran on the idiotbox (ie. some time after midnight). And there, I think, I saw this trio doing real funky stuff.

The only thing I remembered was the name: John Butler Trio. No song title. Nothing else, except that the song some kind of drive and a nice beat.

Today I spent some time digging up info on these fellows. Turns out they're actually aussies, and they also have a very nice policy on taping live concerts: do it, but don't sell it. Non-profit trading is fine.

As a matter of fact, they even link to the pages for all the taped performances from their main commercial website. Now that's pretty cool! Thank You, RBT!

From the few I've sampled, this recording is the one I like best. The quality - see title- is not bad at all, but I can very much understand why the guy wanted to dance around like a fool :-)

Ah, yeah? the song that introduced me to RBT? Zebra (VBR MP3). My recommendation.

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