Just a quick update on the disaster zone progress: no new troubles anywhere, and I'm happily working off the remaining todo-list.

Since last time the cornices were fixed (#1 plastering tool: human fingers - I simply filled the bodged mitre corners into a decent round shape), the ceiling and cornices were spackled, sanded and painted twice, the cable and outled for the light were moved to a decent place on the ceiling, and I've been tiling, a fair bit. I've also bought a nice new light and a mirror cabinet.

Rob lending me his brandnew Sigma 4-A tile cutter is such a great help: This is a Bella Macchina indeed! (Italian tiles and Italian cutters seem to go together well.)

I've now managed repeatedly to cut strips 16-18mm wide from the 300mm long, 8mm thick porcelain - without breakage. Amazing, but quite nerve-wracking a process (I dislike wastage). Overall I've only had two cuts break wrong badly since the grinder nightmare of last week.

Here are just a few quick pix of yesterday's work: I've got most of the bottom row and all of the shower hob frame to tile, plus the window surrounds and all the grouting.

 finished hallway wall bottom row tiles shower minus top row shower wall top row top row vanity-side top row door-wall door top corner
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