Last weekend Conny and I spent with Pete and Wendy, Jasper and Ula camping in Bundjalung National Park, 2 hours south of here. We camped in the Black Rocks area (open camping areas, state-owned and non-commercial, hassle-free and not too pricey). At this time of the year it's also pretty much empty of people.

The beach there is beautiful and vast, and the weather also mostly cooporated: Friday evening there was some rain, but Saturday and most of Sunday were beautiful (even if the wind was a tad strong and slightly cross, so we didn't try the PG on the dunes). I got a good number of cool inspirations for camp cooking from Wendy, the kids had lots of fun and my ancient Tundra2 tent once again performed well in the rain - but likely for the last time: it's finally falling apart fast after 12 or so years and QLD UV levels don't help any...

I also learned that the Bee floats - not precisely that I wanted to learn that! With the strong cross wind I let it drop too low on a landing attempt and didn't realize it was at wave level until it splashed in. I thought it was cooked and done for, after the breakers tossed the Bee over and around, but when I picked it up it magically still worked. Not too much water entered, and after disconnecting everything I let it dry out. Next day one of the receiver channels refused to work, but after disassembling the receiver and toothbrushing the circuit board with fresh water everything revived fine. Except the main on/off switch, but that's cheap to replace. Lucky me!

The coffee "rock" was also really fun to play on with the Crawler King which I've improved further recently (better bumper bar and lowered CG, twin batteries, saddle-like at the bottom of the chassis) - pics of that to come.

Here are some photos of us enjoying ourselves.

 rainbow over the beach conny ula beach camp site tundra2 likely farewell tundra2 likely farewell kids at the camp site kids at the creek kids at the creek beach bundjalung np beach bundjalung np kids and a secured rock kids and a secured rock kids and a secured rock kids and a secured rock conny ula conny ula conny ula conny on the rocks conny on the rocks conny on the rocks conny on the rocks conny jasper conny eyes closed conny am strand conny am strand conny am strand conny baden
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