In the beginning, long time ago...dammit, I'm really a fair bit behind with blogging...when I moved in a year ago, I decided that the kitchen would have to go eventually.

That was the long-term plan. The short-term plan came next. Well, more precisely, first came the problem: a kitchen smelling rotten. That was two months ago or so. Then there came a plan or three, being my parents' son, lots of stuff being bought and some tile color trials.

 2004_11_05-küchenplan.jpg  2004_09_24-fliesen-muster.jpg

Eventually about three weeks ago, I had everything (sort of) ready. Tuesday: lots of destructive work, tile removal and the removal of the silly bulkheads.

 2004_10_12-kitchen-cleanout.jpg  2004_10_12-kitchen-minus-left.jpg  2004_10_12-kitchen-mostly-gone.jpg  2004_10_12-kitchen-ripout-right-oven.jpg  2004_10_12-kitchen-ripout-right.jpg  2004_10_12-kitchen-ripout2.jpg

Wednesday, Rob came to help me with the new cornices and to do the tiling (I haven't ever tiled myself). First we ripped out the final few pieces: the oven and the sink. The cause for the stink became apparent when disconnecting the oven.

 2004_10_13-stinky-mouse.jpg 2004_10_13-rob-b4-tiling2.jpg  2004_10_13-new-cornice.jpg  2004_10_13-new-cornice2.jpg  2004_10_13-rob-tiling.jpg  2004_10_13-tiling-progress.jpg  2004_10_13-tiling-progress2.jpg

Rob did a super job on the tiles, especially the one that needed a round hole for the wastewater pipe: that hole he cut with the anglegrinder and a diamond disk. He got it perfectly round and didn't break a single tile.


Thursday I did the grouting, not too badly I say for doing it the very first time in my life, and some painting of the area around the new cornices.

 2004_10_13-tiling-done.jpg 2004_10_14-grouting-done.jpg

Friday saw me finishing the paint, mounting the skirting boards, doing the lower cabinets on the right side, the oven and the ceramic hotplate - and a fair bit of improvisation, too: as always things don't work out exactly the way expected: the oven power cable exited the wall in the wrong spot (fixable with a stanley knife and some patience) and the oven didn't fit at all as it was too high for the cabinet by a good 1.5cm, for whatever silly reasons. Cutting the benchtop also took a fair while, the board being thick and the laminate very hard.

 2004_10_15-cornices-painted.jpg  2004_10_15-tiles-grouting-dry.jpg 2004_10_15-skirtingboards-done.jpg  2004_10_15-first-cabinet.jpg 2004_10_15-right-lower-cabs-mostly-in.jpg 2004_10_15-benchtop-test.jpg  2004_10_15-benchtop-cutting.jpg  2004_10_15-oven-powerplay.jpg  2004_10_15-oven-fitting.jpg 2004_10_15-oven-done.jpg

Saturday I did the (simple) left side, the complicated center with all the plumbing and the fitting of the benchtops. Putting the kitchen on feet worked out about as nicely as I hoped.

 2004_10_16-cabs-left-feet.jpg  2004_10_16-cabs-left-mostlydone.jpg

When I ordered the benchtops I was almost too exact for my own good: I had to guess the tile thickness on the sides and managed to underestimate the amount of slack. Joining the benchtop pieces together was a slightly tense time, I can tell you.

 2004_10_16-benchtop-fitting.jpg  2004_10_16-benchtop-force-fitting.jpg

The left side was easy, the center parts less so: in order to fix the cabinet side-wise I had to get the waste pipe glued into the floor drainage exit, of course after cutting the hole into the cabinet. Height-wise the plumbing holes would need attention, but the final height wouldn't become obvious before the sink and the benchtop were in place. A bit of a chicken-egg problem.

 2004_10_16-plumbing-plus-magic.jpg  2004_10_16-more-plumbing.jpg 2004_10_16-still-more-plumbing.jpg

Note to self: using Citronella lamp oil to lube the drill for cutting through the sink steel was a Good Idea, worked well and left a nice smell.

 2004_10_16-smelly-cuts.jpg 2004_10_16-sink-fitting.jpg  2004_10_16-plumbing-done.jpg

In the evening I mounted most wall cabinets, and discovered a stupid measurement glitch: a 10cm hole in the wall left by the original builders which I had expected to vanish behind wall cabinets ended up fully exposed at the bottom of the range hood :-( Lots of plaster, backing material and filling later...


Sunday I mounted the last two wall cabinets, all the doors and then made the necessary spacer and blind boards to measure. I was very happy about putting the saw aside after that...

 2004_10_17-door-fitting.jpg 2004_10_17-left-with-doors.jpg  2004_10_17-right-with-doors.jpg 2004_10_18-plus-spacers-2.jpg  2004_10_18-plus-spacers.jpg  2004_10_18-left-plus-spacers.jpg

A week later I had bought the door handles (which I had forgotten to buy in the first place) and now most is done: I'm still to get tiles for the splashbacks, but that's not too urgent. Eventually the opening left of the sink cabinet is going to house a dishwasher, but again that's not important right now. (Yes, I know about "temporary" setups being most permanent in practice.)

 2004_10_27-küche-mostly-final.jpg 2004_10_27-rechts-mit-griffen.jpg
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