i don't watch much tv. never have, likely never will. ("not much" is no more than half an hour a month.)

i definitely watch no live tv at all as that amounts to cruel and unusual punishment; instead i use my fairly old twin-tuner topfield disk recorder which does time-shift pretty well.

even so most of the time the topf is switched off (it does have a proper 'dumb-but-complete' switch). on thursday i thought i'd switch it on for a few minutes, just to get my monthly reminder why i prefer reading books.

POOUF (and tinkle) is what that sounded like because the mains MOSFET switcher IC blew its top, literally.

 mosfet turned mosfoom mosfet turned mosfoom

(au! is what it sounded like later when i got zapped by 300V+: i had forgotten to discharge the mains capacitor before handling the power supply board. ah well, live and learn.)

the interesting issue is whether the mosFOOM was the primary problem or a secondary indication of meh; these chips being dirt cheap i did order two so we'll see in a few weeks.

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