That's how most of the usual lusers perceive bike freaks. Until I moved to Australia I always have had motorbikes (since I got my license, that is). Strangely enough I've got no real yearning for a bike over here. Maybe I'm getting too old? Or maybe it's just that paragliding has taken up most of my free time anyway. Between 1999 and summer 2001 I had a model 98 suzuki gsxr 750 in black-silver trim, 136hp, quite powerful and a reeeaaally nice machine. Before that (from 92 to 99) I owned a model 88 honda cbr 500f which became extremely ugly but all in all was a nice bike. Because of her looks she was called "miss patchwork".

The bike before that ('90-'92) was a 87 yamaha xt 500, but I've got almost no pictures of her. You might want to visit the afm homepage for infos and links of local interest for Austrian bikers. However, some friends of mine run the anti-afm homepage par excellance, the poser website. A couple of historic pics will follow soon.

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