Emacs and exmh go together very well, but of course there's spots where things rub across. Today I scratched such an itch successfully: I now have access to exmh's address database from emacs (and so can you).

What for? exmh can save interesting email addresses from inbound emails in a Tcl/text "database". I compose my emails with emacs, and while I can access the usual mh aliases, the more volative exmh addr db was not reachable. I find this quite handy, e.g. for emailing people who I've communicated with a few months ago but not directly replying to anything.

The attached bit of lisp adds minibuffer-completion for addresses from the exmh database. Bind it to a key like this (local-set-key [C-return] 'complete-exmh-address), use the key stroke and you'll be greeted with a completion dialog. Start typing the person's address or name and you'll get whatever the address db contained. (The exmh address db is reread only when needed.)

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