Yes, I had a good day: I did 23.1km from Beechmont to Beaudesert.

A very good flight, the first time I got beyond Flying Fox valley. Here's the trace (minus the first 20 minutes which my GPS overwrote because it's a GPS of very little brain). That red line also has a lot of swirls in it that you can't see on that scale; imagine me turning like a silly bird most of the way and you've got it :-)


The whole thing took almost 2.5 hours, with the first 45 min spent at launch trying to find any lift at all. I missed the good launch window (which Richard, Jessica and Paul took) by about 5 minutes. And I paid for being tardy: once or twice I was already about to land because I was falling out of the sky. Eventually I got high enough to GO over the back (today at about 1200m ASL) and did so but almost bombed out in front of Gordo's: only sink holes and I was about to approach the bombout there when I hit a useful thermal and got back from 470m to 1300m ASL. (That's where it says KRSTYH on the track image and where there's some very convoluted loops in the track).

Hard work today, but very satisfying (despite some of my friends flying about twice as far). Ah, next time...

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