Well, they may need this capability in my care. But more on the plants later.

I'm a bit behind writing things up; been busy. Last weekend was a long one, on account of some queen having some birthday or whatever; fine by me.

The usual gang and then some went to Killarney, for camping, booze and flying (in any order). Andrew has recently moved out there, while he and Wendy are building a house in one of the most beautiful places I can imagine...

 2005_04_29-stuff-killarney-weekend.jpg 2005_04_29-stuff2-killarney-weekend.jpg  2005_04_29-glider-b4-killarney.jpg  2005_04_29-going-west.jpg  2005_04_29-teviot-gap-to-boonah.jpg  2005_04_29-teviot-gap-to-boonah2.jpg

This is how a trip there works looks like: stuff, stuff and more stuff; and beautiful views. The last two are from the Teviot Gap back towards the east and the coast. Killarney is on the western side of the range.

The flying was average (after all it's winter) but it was a lot of fun. Gl├╝hwein we drank quite a bit, and I slept very well every night - but that could be because I had the luxury of two mattresses: I bought a cheap second-hand self-inflating one that's slightly thicker than my old hardcore Thermarest... one gets old I suppose.

One of the guys had brought his beautiful drifta 100 mini camp kitchen box: they're made by a local company and are very cool. Unfortunately the thing costs a measly $350...

As to average flying: Andrew showed us how much fun it is to take a head-first dive down a really steep slope when a no-wind launch went sour. Quite a few bruises, two broken lines and some rips to the glider canopy convinced us that life is dangerous. (As did a friend who recently tried unsuccessfully to trim his toenails with his chainsaw. Of course it cut about everywhere else... Get well quickly, Paul!)

Wendy has green thumbs - unlike me - and gave me two big bags full of Bromeliads, succulents and one pot of unidentifyable stuff as presents. Thanks again! I promise to take good care of them (whether that'll work is another story...) Robert and Anitta also had just a few give-away plants for me, as you can see below:


So I've been potting and planting a fair bit recently; these pictures show the big and small Bromeliads, the indoor Poison Ivy and the Philodendron Anitta gave me. The two big pots of Yucca and the bush experiment will be shown later on.

 2005_06_09-plants.jpg  2005_06_09-more-plants.jpg  2005_06_09-still-more-plants.jpg  2005_06_15-potting-bromeliads.jpg  2005_06_16-plants-front.jpg  2005_06_16-plants-front2.jpg  2005_06_16-plants-front3.jpg  2005_06_16-plants-rear.jpg  2005_06_16-plants-rear2.jpg

Other indoor news: the kitchen tiling is done, done, done! (But I'm a bit unhappy with the outcome of the joint between bench top and tiles. The acrylic gap filler stuff receded way more than I thought and thus doesn't look as good as I had hoped.)

 2005_05_30-tiles-planning.jpg  2005_05_30-tiles-magic-strips.jpg  2005_05_31-tiles-right-done.jpg 2005_06_01-grouting-mess.jpg  2005_06_01-grouting-mess-almost-done.jpg  2005_06_09-kitchen-tiles-clean.jpg
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