This is not my month.

eeeeeeeeklunk! That's the sound of my bank balance dropping: I just had the pleasure to pay au$10k for Cornelia's schooling during her somewhat impromptu stay with me next year. Barring visa delays she will show up mid-Jan and stay until December, and as my permanent residency doesn't cover her in any way, she can only come over as a fully paying intl student...and the 10 grand are what QLD Edu wants from an intl student for junior highschool per year. (Of course I won't have to pay child support for that year, but I won't get any, either.)

And to top things off, my car is now really on the verge of death and needs to be replaced ASAP but I hate shopping, then today my washing machine has decided that spinning is overrated and that clean clothes are best left soaked. It's been raining and/or stormy on and off for the last three weeks and I haven't flown therefore, I managed to catch some kind of cold, had to go to the coppers today for a police certificate (which the immigration dept wants in order to decide if they can let my kid stay with me...'evidence that your relative is of good character' my ass) and spent ages waiting at the copshop (of course the piece of paper will not arrive until a good two weeks from now and cost quite a tad). At work the dimbulbs have again dumped an uncommunicated last-minute change on me and now I have to invent a (stupid) subject for next semester from scratch with a measly few weeks to pull the miracle off. I'm still trying to decide if I should do the bathroom renovation before Conny shows up or not, and today I found out that the tile shop where I hoped/expected to get the tiles for the bathroom no longer sells the ones I liked. The washing machine is hiding its balance sensor from my prying fingers, my head aches and it's getting late and I hate the whole universe.

I'm so sick of this.

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