Last Thursday Conny, Rob and I went for a day trip to Nth Stradbroke island, with a bit of fun (of all kinds) in the preceding afternoon.

Wednesday arvo Conny and I drove up to Rob's place. Rob showed me how to stick-weld, I showed Conny how to ride a dirtbike, and Conny showed me how not to get off said bike.

Rob's son Michael has a small 4-stroke dirtbike, which Conny very very very much hoped she might be allowed to ride. It has a proper gearbox and so riding that was a big first for her, which she loved - until both I and she made stupid mistakes. My mistake was not to insist on heavy trousers, hers was to ride it into a bush on turning (actually very very slowly) and to not get off the fallen bike immediately.

Net result: a big burn on her leg. Exhausts are hot and not pleasant when you press your leg against them, even if only for 2-3 seconds.

After a cold shower, some soaking time in Rob's pool and a burn bandage (both aloe and melaleuca are pretty good on burns) things looked sufficiently up for the island trip the next day. So we went.

First we saw a few humpback whales just off the tip of the island, then came a bunch of playful dolphins and a bit later we caught views of some huge manta rays floating past - but when one of them came up to the surface all of us had their cameras stowed (ah well, experiencing things is more important than photographing).

 conny stradbroke

This is the pic I was supposed to send to her mom which I've avoided so far.

 conny stradbroke

A place called the Blow Hole, but the waves weren't high enough to produce more than a bit of a spout.

 manta rays stradbroke manta rays stradbroke

Huge mantas.

 conny stradbroke

Conny loves to close her eyes whenever somebody tries to take a picture of her (and what she was snacking wasn't bad at all).

 conny stradbroke conny stradbroke conny stradbroke

Conny at the Brown Lake, which was a tad too cold for swimming according to her.

 conny stradbroke conny stradbroke

...and of course some beach pictures. It was quite blowy at the time.

 conny grinning

Back home, before going back to school this week.

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