vienna graffito

This gem I found in a toilet at VIE airport when I visited Europe once again (22.10.-10.11.). The primary reason for the trip was a small conference in Sofia, but in the spirit of combining the necessary with the nice I decided to spend some extra vacation time in Vienna.

My single Sofia photo:

 sofia uni magic

Obviously somebody at Sofia University liked the Jargon File's Story about Magic. (As the switch was on an ugly panel in a basement full of other ugly cabling I didn't flip it.)

The vacation part of the trip was nice. Vienna in November was mostly as I expected it: cold, gloomy, wet. Here's the "standard" view from the ex kids' room of my parents' flat.

 frg aussicht im nieselregen frg aussicht im nieselregen

But I didn't let the weather get me down at all and had quite some fun visiting friends, my sisters and parents.

 nina julia az nina az az nina julia paul joseph am bett az nina paul ganslessen julia eltern az frg julia az frg selber eltern frg lustig eltern frg lustig
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