1. Not allowed to play Perl Golf.
  2. Mustn't write dense expressions that use few spaces.
  3. I may not exorcise the g**gle, even though we detests them.
  4. to 213: to be announced, because actually it's really pretty good at work :-)

(my apologies to skippy.)

Halfway through my second week back in the trenches I might actually say a bit more than 'back to work!': I've gone back to my real IT roots, and joined a small local software company called opmantek as a "software engineer".

The current projects are all primarily in Perl, and the stuff they do (should I say we? no, bit too early) is quite interesting.

The other people including the bosses are nice and easy to get along with, the pace is slightly frantic but not too bad, and so far they seem to get along with me too :-)

There are just two suboptimal aspects: one is that opmantek has drunk the sugary g00gle pois^Wpotion and thus I can't avoid dealing with the datamongering bastards - can't do my work without gargle drive this, glurgle hangout that, very annoying from a privacy perspective (but understandable; the company is small and the gargoyle's offerings are evil but cheap).

So I've banished the necessary gargly account to the confines of a throw-away browser (chromium, because the hangouts don't work elsewhere) which I don't use for anything else at all, and my main Firefox is locked down and paranoia-adjusted as usual.

The other suboptimal item of note is that the current office is in Bundall, which is pretty close - except for the morning traffic. A short trip that should take 15 min can often take 40. We'll move into a new office in a few weeks, but that'll be likely even trickier to get to: it's in the middle of Surfers bloody Paradise.

As to Perl Golf: I don't play golf, let alone Perl Golf :-) however, the $boss has commented on some of my expressions that weren't overly fluffed up with spaces around operators...

Weeellll, I believe in good and ample comments and nice indentation, but extra spaces? That feels like pure syntactic sugar to me:

Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon. -- Alan Perlis

So far the $boss hasn't seen any of my sort-of-grep-of-fat-hash-slices, spiced up with lots of derefs 8-)

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