Too much work, as I'm being too perfectionist as usual. Spent quite some time fixing portal issues, writing labnotes and so on. Last couple of days never got to bed before 00:45, mostly doing last-minute shite. bummer, and the airconditioning at work has left me a nice cold once again - despite me wearing a sweater in all lectures and labs. Imaging that, it's just under 30° C outside but I need a sweater inside and still catch a damn cold...silly.

Yesterday I started thinking about a replacement for mozilla firebird: saving data handed out by scripts is borked to the max, see bugzilla bugs 160454, 84106 and 177329. Bloody piece of shit. I found out about the broken behaviour while tcpdumping when I couldn't save the output of a portal-related script that I needed in a lecture about 15 minutes later. (Then I resorted to ie within citrix in my desperation...apparently I suffer from bogon-emitters at work).

spamassassin wasn't cooperative recently, apparently it had entered a tightening spiral wrt. bayes ratings as my autolearn-as-spam threshold was set too low. fixed that by forcefeeding it the last couple hundred emails (about 5 days worth or so) as ham.

This morning the post person was here, got me my new radio (a multiband Yaesu VX-5r) and a CF-based mp3 player (a Nex IIe). The mp3 player does what it's supposed to, the radio not yet - while I did go to jaycar I forgot to buy the desolder braid I'll need to mod it for the UHF CB frequencies I actually need it for (me no ham). Yaesu must employ mostly Space Cadets, the keypad is a wee bit overloaded (3 modes for each of 20 buttons plus a rotator-selector)

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