Let's see what happened in the last few weeks. Not very organised today; did too much code wrangling.

I finally got my xmas present from my parents, two CDs, in mid-february. This is common; all my close family members seem to have the genetic equivalent of "dates are +/- 15%, with a bias to the + side"...and it makes life more fun occasionally. In part it took so long because my sister was instructed to copy these two for my father before sending me the originals. Es lebe die Privatkopie!

Anyway, I absolutely love them: a CD by David Hykes + the Harmonic Choir and another CD by Keith Jarrett. Musical goodness to the max! If only ECM reissued the original Hymns/Spheres LP set as CD; the above is but an excerpt missing a few important pieces.

In other news, I'm still alive after the third (and for some time, final) visit to the sadist^Wdentist yesterday. Minus one wisdom tooth (18) and one molar (37) which had been a border-line patch-up job 16 years ago and has broken up in the meantime, and minus $172. Private health insurance was worth the bother, as the total would have been $552 without it. Amazingly enough no new problems were found; while one of my front teeth is a bit darker than the other, it's not dead (tested that), so no root canal treatment. Maybe I'll get veneers done on that if and when my vanity demands. Eating is fun; at the moment I can choose between two sore spots to stuff food bits into...

Next week I'll get my window security screens, which will help with keeping the place cooler (as I can then leave all the windows open without inviting the most inept casual crooks). The kitchen still doesn't have any splashback done (I've been busy working, flying and relaxing) but it'll happen - eventually; the list of things to take care of in/around the house is not shrinking much, but at least the PhD work is progressing somewhat.

In the meantime I've helped rho to replace one of their bathroom sink units, will do the other next week or so. In exchange I got his old Lucent WaveLAN Silver (out of a dead apple airport) which came very handy as one of my Roamabouts has finally died.

Just sent out an order for $130 worth of SF paperbacks, got a 20x4 LCD panel for my mediabox (more soldering ahead!) and in two weeks time I'll be visiting Melbourne over the weekend (presenting at a small conference on Friday, flying back Sunday evening, inbetween there's time for good food, good music and hopefully good fun).

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